Internship Program

One of the most rewarding ways to jumpstart your career is to participate in a comprehensive internship program. Ayala & Associates offers a competitive internship program that gives students a chance to gain hands-on experience in a professional environment.

As an intern with Ayala & Associates, you will not only gain industry experience, but you will also be part of a collaborative, team-based environment. We take pride in our personal approach and the close-knit relationships prevalent in our diverse workplace. Our interns have the opportunity to work directly with the leaders of our company and with our clients, helping to provide quality services that support the Federal Government, while further developing our company's reputation and increasing our clients' satisfaction.

The Ayala & Associates Internship Program is a comprehensive summer program that offers numerous benefits:

  • A preliminary, week-long, new intern orientation that familiarizes interns with Ayala & Associates and kick off networking opportunities with employees of Ayala & Associates
  • A Mentor Program to help ease your transition and answer any questions interns may have before, during, and after the internship
  • Numerous opportunities for networking both internally and externally
  • Tours of some of our clients' facilities and attractions in our nation's capital
  • A weekly and end-of-summer review process that assists interns in leaving the internship with a clear understanding of their progress
  • The opportunity to turn an internship into a full-time job upon graduation.